Grenyah Voice Over

Professional Voice Over Profile:

Greg has a calm, deep, authoritative, baritone voice. His voice is best suited to internet video, narration, documentaries, explainers, movie trailers and eLearning voice overs. He is available right now to do free auditions for you, or feel free to browse the demos below.

Voice Demos:

1. Self Promotion - Demo of My Voice

2. Remember China - Travel Advert

3.a. Carpool Optic - Internet Video

3.b. Carpool Optic with music - Internet Video

4. Spendy Mortgages - Finance

5. War of the Worlds - Narration (unvoiced, solo)

6. Technical Explainer - Technical Business


Voice over Categories:

- internet video,
- narration (unvoiced, solo),
- documentaries,
- explainers,
- movie and video trailers, 
- eLearning and education.

as well as ...

- radio and TV, videogames, animation,

- audiobooks, corporate, announcements, 
- commercial, internet adverts, 
- tour guide, telephone, and business.


- Home studio, 
- Vocal booth (noise floor is -70dB RMS),
- MXL 990HE Condenser Mic (Heritage Edition) XLR connection,
- Microphone cardioid, large diaphragm, pop filter,
- Audio interface : Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD,
- Cakewalk editing software on desktop,
- Mackie HR624 Monitors,
- Smart mobile phone, 
- 100Mbps Fast Fibre Internet,
- Chrome browser. 

Live directed sessions: 

- Skype, ipDTL and Source-Connect-Now (SCN). 
- Can link to your ipDTL or SCN account
- 100Mbps fast internet fibre line 
- Chrome browser.


- High availability,
- Fast delivery (usually within 24 hours) 
- Longer deliverydepending on the project,
- Pick ups within the same session are acceptable, 
- Usual delivery format as MP3 or WAV,
- Quality control at source,
- Customer service and care are important to Greg.

He is available to do English(British), English RP(neutral), Oxford, Cambridge and Southeast England accents. His unique voice is calm, relatable, reassuring, confident and warm being well suited to providing you with interesting voice overs that will stand out from the crowd.

Contact Greg:

You can contact Greg by using our contact form on the right. If you would like a quote, simply provide your details, job specification, finalised script, expected delivery time and budget. Please provide as much artistic direction as you can. 


1. Rush Delivery (required within 24 hours), 
2. Background Music,
3. Video Sync (sync script to a video),
4. Combine audio and video into one file,
5. Split files.

Websites: (please search for Gregory Mark Haynes)
You can also book Greg for a voice over recording at:

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