Grenyah Multimedia Recording Studio

Have some fun! Record your talent in the recording studio. 

Have your songs or audio recorded, mixed and mastered like you want them to sound. Then play your recording to your friends and family. 

Your recording as you want it

We spend time with you detailing your requirements, anything from a mobile ringtone to a full demo recording, music video or voiceover with music and effects. It is up to you. Your requirements are carefully tailored for you.

Choose your sounds

Select from a large choice of musical instruments, sound effects, or background music to add to your audio. 

Mix N Master

When the audio parts are all recorded its time for the mixing followed by the post-recording production. During this time you are presented with a suitable mix. If all is to your satisfaction then all the other mastering and processing is completed for you. 

- Please provide your WAV and MIDI files. 
- We can help you send these to us online. 
- These can be mixed and mastered for you.
- Sound effects (SFX) can also be added to your mix. 
- We can also add background music to your audio to add ambience.

The results

You end up with a HD Audio demo recording to enjoy forever. Remember that your recording will potentially last for your whole lifetime. It can even be passed on to other generations.

Record your music talent. Encourage someone else to have a try. 

Recorded formats include HD AUDIO, MP3 and WAV.

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