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About the Author of the book Memories Are Made of This

Gregory Mark Haynes has lived on three continents and held passports for three countries. Australia for his first eight and a half years, Africa for the next twenty-eight years and Europe, in the United Kingdom, ever since then.

He was born on 13 November 1963 in Sydney, Australia, started kindergarten in 1969 and completed half of his first year of primary school. In May 1972, he left there with both of his parents and four younger sisters to emigrate to South Africa, where he finished the second half of his first year of primary school. He attended three other schools, each in a different province of South Africa, finishing in 1980. 

After 1981, he worked in many industries, including civil engineering, steel manufacturing, gold mining and computing. He met a lovely woman in March 1993. They lived together from December 1993, married in August 1998, but then sadly divorced amicably in September 1999. 

He left South Africa in January 2001 to live in the United Kingdom, where he has worked in local government and the arts industry. 

Memories Are Made Of This is Gregory Mark Haynes' debut book - a stunning entry for the memoir / travel / adventure / humour / wildlife / hiking / outdoors mix of genres.

The new book, Memories are Made of This, is now available 
as a paperback and a kindle-book.

Are you ready for an adventure?

A word from the author

Memories Are Made Of This includes a free Webpage Companion. The webpage address is provided in the Introduction chapter in the book. When you view the Webpage Companion you will see weblinks to the Table of Contents and also a guide to show you how to use it.

Each chapter in the book has its own companion of maps, photographs and information. Open the chapter you are reading in the webpage companion and follow along with the book. Keep a look out for the dagger symbol, † , in the book text, to notify you of a reference in this companion. For as long as the webpage exists, there will be over sixteen hundred internet links to provide you with more information for each story, chapter by chapter. Please make use of them to enhance your enjoyment of this book.

I'm so excited to get this book into your hands.

Thank you so much for your kind support. 

Enjoy the book.

Greg Haynes, The Author

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