Saturday, 5 September 2020


My new book, Memories are Made of This, is now available on Amazon as both a printed paperback and e-book for the UK and USA, and an e-book for the Rest of the World.


Book Description

Three continents. Three cultures. One man. 51 deep, provoking and intriguing, personal stories.

Gregory Mark Haynes takes you on a truthful, honest and humble, shared journey through 51 selected experiences in his life. All the stories feature something new, such as experiencing a severe tropical storm on an ocean liner as a youngster, hiking in the Fish River Canyon in Namibia or a self-created tour of Paris. No frills, no dramatization. Just upbeat, true to life experiences. Each one of these unique stories is crammed with interesting information and supported by maps, photos, and information in the Webpage Companion.

Learn about a wide variety of activities such as parasailing, riding an ostrich, sailing, hiking, viewing wildlife in South Africa, skydiving, travelling and more.

The Australian born author combines his adventurous spirit, tenacity, humour, determination, adaptability, intelligence and positive attitude to prioritise living and having fun, while taking risks when required, all on a shoestring.

If you are fascinated by how other people live their lives, or what other people do when they grow up and how it moulds them into the people they are now, then this book is for you.

Includes a free Webpage Companion (See the Introduction in the book)

Each chapter in the book has its own companion of maps, photographs and information. Open the chapter you are reading in the webpage companion and follow along with the book. Keep a look out for the dagger symbol, † , in the book text, to notify you of a reference in this companion. For as long as the webpage exists, there will be over sixteen hundred internet links to provide you with more information for each story, chapter by chapter. Please make use of them to enhance your enjoyment of this book.

I'm so excited to get this book into your hands.

If you enjoyed reading the book, please share your experience as a book review on the Amazon and/or Goodreads websites. Thank you so much for your kind support. 

Thank you.

Greg Haynes, The Author  (An official Goodreads author)